Beautifully Polished Nails at Home!

Nail Polish in a dried form that you can apply yourself at home! Easy. Quick. Non-Toxic, Affordable, and Beautiful!

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  • Everyday

    Our everyday collection features 14 nail strips per set at a price that you could easily afford to apply a new set "Everyday." This does not mean they won't last! Add a quality top coat and many find these will easily last a week! (Average wear 3-5 days)

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  • Weekly

    Our Weekly sets feature 16 double sided nail polish strips. Our most extensive collection is in this category and it has long been a favorite of our customers. As the name implies, many find these last at least a week. Average wear 5-10 days

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  • Deluxe

    These durable nail polish wraps offer our widest and longest selection of wraps featuring 20-22 strips per package! Average wear 7-12 days! Add a top coat for maximum wear!

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  • Custom & Limited Editions!

    Here you will find our Custom designed sets as well as our Limited Edition collection .We love to bring your nail wrap dreams into reality!

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Safe and Affordable!

No Time Nails works with trusted manufacturers to create beautiful Nail Polish Wraps at an affordable price. Our Wraps are made with the same ingredients commonly found in nail polish. These have surpassed the industry standards for cosmetics testing with SGS testing approval. If we won't use it, we won't carry it. It's truly that simple!