Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply these?

  1. Preparing your nail is essential.  After pushing back and trimming your cuticles, shape your nails and wash your hands. To make sure you have removed any lotions and soaps, it is a good idea to swab your nail with some rubbing alcohol. If you do not wish to use alcohol on your nails, you may also decide to apply a bonding agent or base coat. 
  2. If you choose to apply a bonding agent or base coat, allow to dry before applying the nail polish wrap.
  3. Select the size that most closely matches your nail. When choosing a size, remember to make sure the wrap will not overlap onto your skin. When in doubt, it's always best to choose a slightly smaller wrap.
  4. Peel the film off the desired strip and simply place on your nail bed near the cuticle but not over.
  5. Smooth it down with your finger, moving from side to side and all along your nail bed to the tip.
  6. We recommend smoothing over the wrap with a soft tip cuticle pusher to push out any air bubbles and ensure a good seal all along the cuticle edges.
  7. File off the excess in a downward motion. Be careful not to file upwards or in a side to side motion as this may cause your nail wrap to tear or lift up and allow dust to get between your nail wrap and your nail.
  8. Add a top coat if desired.

*** Check out our You Tube link to view application videos as well as FAQ and product reviews! ******


Do I need to use a top coat?

While you certainly do not have to use a top coat, we strongly recommend it. This will protect your nail wrap and give it a much longer life. However, be cautious about what top coat you choose. Some have been known to cause shrinkage and bubbling. If you are unsure, it's a good idea to test your top coat on an extra wrap just in case.


How do I remove these?

These are made of nail polish, so you can remove them with any nail polish remover you like!


Are these safe?

These have been tested through SGS-CSTC to be certain they are free of harmful metals. No formaldehyde, no lead, no mercury. Just nail polish, That's it! They have not only met the industry standard, but have beat it. SGS certification available upon request.  


Do you recommend a specific top coat?

This list is certainly not all inclusive, these are some of the products I have had success with:

  •  CND Vinyl lux long wear top coat
  • Essie Gel Setter Top Coat
  • Essie "Get Even" Top Coat
  • Orly Sec N Dry 


How Should I Store These?

Remember these are made with nail polish so they can dry out. These are best stored in a cool location, away from direct sunlight or heat. To help preserve unused nails for another use, be sure to seal up the bag with a heat sealing device so they do not dry out. A simple curling or flat iron will do the trick or we offer a small portable one in the shop for more convenience.


Should I avoid any products while wearing these?

Some products tend to dissolve the polish. A nice top coat will help protect the finish. We have found that many sunscreen lotions will cause the polish to break down. When in doubt, test a small sample prior to application. Fortunately, this isn't really the "norm" and most find they can use any products without them affecting their nails. 


We also recommend waiting at least 1 hour before immersing your hands in hot water. The adhesive needs some time to fully set up and the heat from the water may impede the process. Once they are set, you are good to go.


It is always a good idea to wear gloves when working with chemicals or extremely hot water.


Removing the clear plastic film

Remember to remove the clear plastic film prior to application. If you are having trouble removing the film, Place your strips in a cool environment such as a refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes.