We have divided our nail wraps into "Collections"

to make shopping easier for you! 

About our collections:

  •  Everyday: This is where you will find a huge assortment of value wraps starting at just $0.99. These may not last long (typically a few days), but they offer affordable fun and come in a huge assortment of styles to suit you.
  • Weekly: The Weekly line is really our flagship line. This line offers 16 double sided strips in a nice range of sizes. While nail chemistry and use play a factor in wear time, most experience at least 5-10 days of wear from these high quality strips. 
  • DELUXE: The deluxe line is our newest addition to the shop and is already a customer favorite! It's easy to see why too!  These sets come with 20-22 strips that will often fit on 2 nails!  The deluxe line offers a huge array of sizes at an affordable price
  • Luxury: The luxury line has been a fan favorite from day one.  It's easy to see why too!  These have the most flexibility, they are the thinnest yet most durable and offer the best adhesive of all of the nail wraps we offer. We carry these in both 12 nail strip and 18 strip sizes to suit your needs.
  • Custom Designs & Limited Edition: Our exclusive designs are designs that either we designed or were designed as a collaborative effort with other nail designers.  We offer our exclusive designs in any of the above shapes and sizes so that we can meet your needs!
  • Petite: Our Petite collection is just perfect for those with tiny nail beds!

What about sizing?

We are often asked about sizing. The best advice we can give is to try one from each of the lines and see what works best for you! 

Petite nails?  Try the Deluxe or Luxury line they offer a larger range of sizes from small to large.We also carry a Petite Collection!

Wide Nail beds?  Try the Deluxe, or Luxury lines, all boast a nice large range of sizes that may work well for you. The Luxury line is our most pliable line if you need stretch.